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”Come In, Swanee Leader"

The Thirty-Three-Month Odyssey of LST 561 in the 1950s

with Over 300 Photographs by the Author

"Come In, Swanee Leader" includes over 300 photos by the author.  These are a few.


Steering jackstaff to mast en route to Hawaii. 1951.

Street scene in Pusan, Korea.  1952.


This view is from the bow of LST 561 looking toward the stern. Pusan Harbor. 1951.


A South Korean guerilla junk in Haeju Bay. North Korea. 1952.


En route to Koje-do with 600 North Korean Prisoners of War. 1951.

The harbor of Sasebo, Japan from Ebitsu Kaiwan. 1952.


Backloading U.S. Marine vehicles at Camp McGill, Japan. 1953.


An LVT(A) approaching bow ramp for backloading. Tokchok-Ri, Korea. 1952.


Two LCUs backloading U.S. Marine tanks at Camp McGill, Japan. 1953.


USS LST 561 beached at Koje-do, Korea. 1952.


LST Division 32 en route from Point Barrow to Barter Island. Arctic. 1953.